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"You can't spell listen without silent "
– Rigel J. Dawson

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1. Inner Exploration

Do you feel like something is missing? Perhaps you aren’t where you want to be in life? Do you know what’s holding you back? During your introductory coaching session, we’ll dive into the depths of your inner world. We’ll explore dreams, goals, ambitions, and aspirations as well as begin to dissect the barriers that have been holding you back from creating them.

2. Mindfulness

Here, you learn about self-awareness, how to be one with your thoughts and feelings, listen to what they are telling you. This awareness is the key to utilizing adventure to overcome your roadblocks and breakthrough to the life of personal power and adventure you dream of.

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Image by Chris Lawton
Image by Martin Péchy

3. Unearthing

Discover feelings and thoughts that you may have been hidden, lost, or abandoned about yourself when outside influences became too strong. What is your inner self telling you it wants out of life? What are your goals? Is there an incident in your past that has been holding you back? Are you living life for you or others?  Starting to listen to your inner self as to what it wants and needs when there is no outside influence to silence it. 

4. Reflection

What did you learn about yourself? Where do you want to take the next steps in life? Did you overcome any fears? What did your ideal daily living vision look like? In this step we reflect on the experience and what impact it may have had reconnecting with yourself.

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5. Transformation

With your new skillset acquired, you’ll learn how to apply these in everyday life. You’ll learn to build methods for restoring calm in the chaos that can transform your daily living. Together, we can craft an implementation plan to build the foundation for daily living in gratitude and mindfulness so you can maintain a connection with your inner self and refuel your soul.

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6. Evolving

Evolve to become the next best version of yourself. Choose to embrace the change that comes allowing it to mold and change you into the person you were meant to be. Evolving is a lifelong process. Through continued coaching we can develop a schedule to discuss how things are going for you, options for incorporation of techniques, any points you are stuck at working through. What changes have stuck, which ones haven’t?  Perhaps you are ready for an in-depth retreat. Schedule a one-on-one retreat where the focus is geared all towards your continued evolution, again using the power of nature in the process of discovery and healing.

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